Power Struggle for Leadership of Nevada Democratic Party in 2024

Who Will Lead the Nevada Democratic Party Twitter Account in 2024?

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford has a lead over Republican challenger Sigal Chattah in counted votes. Ford is one of several Democrats to survive what polls and political pundits predicted would be a midterm “red wave.” Chattah drew criticism for her transphobic Twitter rants during the campaign. She has deleted her campaign Twitter account.

Judith Whitmer

A fierce power struggle is unfolding over who will run the Nevada Democratic Party, a key 2024 battleground that last year decided the Senate race in the purple state. The sitting chair, Judith Whitmer, has come under fire from both veterans of the Reid machine and progressive Democrats aligned with Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Her critics accuse her of antagonizing elected officials and failing to build the grassroots organizing infrastructure she pledged to build. They also say she rigged the party’s March elections for leadership by purging forty percent of its central committee members, including Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom, prior to the vote.

Nevertheless, Whitmer remains in control of the party’s finances. She was re-elected last weekend along with her more progressive slate, beating out a more establishment group led by former Rep. Susie Lee, who is backed by Sens. Catherine Cortez Masto and Jacky Rosen, as well as state Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno. The victory was not without its drama, however. Shortly before the outcome was sealed, party staff reportedly moved hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the state’s accounts and into the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in an apparent protest.

Daniele Monroe-Moreno

Earlier this year, she sponsored legislation that would make meals that businesses provide for their employees tax-free. She also believes that for-profit prisons contribute to Nevada’s mass incarceration problem and is an advocate for comprehensive criminal justice reform. She is a 2020 African American Trailblazer Community Activism Politics awardee and Emerge America’s 2017 Ambition to Action recipient.

She was elected to the Nevada Assembly in 2016, representing District 1 in North Las Vegas. She has served on several committees, including the Energy Committee and the Legislative Commission on Special License Plates. She is the Vice-Chair of the Assembly Committee on Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice, as well as an Alternate on the Interim Finance Committee.

She is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, which is currently engaged in a power struggle over party governance. This fight has left the party in a state of uncertainty just days before a pivotal 2024 election. It has also raised questions about whether it is worthwhile for progressives to take control of state parties at all.

Zach Segerblom

Tick Segerblom grew up with family members who taught him to take public service seriously. His father, Cliff, was a Bureau of Reclamation photographer who documented the construction of Boulder Dam and inspired future generations of Nevadans to be active civic citizens. His mother, Gene, was a high school teacher and four-term Boulder City councilwoman who encouraged her children to get involved in local politics.

Whether it’s his work as a lawyer or his efforts in government, Tick Segerblom is committed to building a vibrant community that offers opportunities for all residents. He wants to make sure that economic growth includes investments in education, parks, housing and other amenities.

As a Clark County Commissioner, he’s focused on making the county more equitable and inclusive. He says the county needs to be a leader on fair wages and benefits, especially for its workers. And he’s working to create more affordable housing for lower-income families. He also wants to complete one of his first-term goals — getting marijuana lounges up and running.

Jacky Rosen

Jacky Rosen, the junior United States senator from Nevada, is a fighter for hardworking families and an independent voice standing up for her state. The granddaughter of immigrants and daughter of a World War II veteran, she has worked multiple jobs and taken out student loans to get where she is today. As a Senate leader, she works across party lines and finds solutions that work for the whole state.

A fierce power struggle has erupted over who will run the Democratic Party in a crucial 2024 battleground that last year determined the balance of the Senate. The rift has left the Sanders coalition divided right at the start of the critical campaign and sparked debates over whether it’s even worthwhile for progressives to take control of state parties.

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